Louise - Finally

Having been in therapy for over a decade, it has been an incredible experience to work with Tiina to be able to live independently! She provided a structured program where I could see myself progress and feel confident to take everyday challenges positively and constructively. I no longer feel that I need treatment to deal with everyday emotions because she has taught me the skills to do so myself. I would highly recommend her services.  Louise (full name protected for privacy reasons)

Andreas - Feeling at Ease

Tiina begins a self-growth path investigating your issues, explaining how therapy and human minds work and then flexibly finding the most effective techniques for you. Her points of strength are putting patients at ease, quickly understanding them and effectively making them overcome issues in a short time frame. Andreas – (full name protected for privacy reasons)

P. Dr - No Fear and Worry anymore

Tiina has been excellent! She was patient with me, helping me to carry on when I was close to giving up. I used to be afraid of everything. Now I’m happier and no longer fear and worry. It feels as if a dark cloud has been lifted. Thank you! P. Dr (full name protected for privacy reasons)

Andrew - No More Insomnia

I used to struggle with insomnia for many years – no more! I am so grateful, thank you Tiina. Andrew (full name protected for privacy reasons)

Laura Butler - Supervisor

Tiina is an experienced and very knowledgable Supervisor. Her warm and non-judgmental personality creates a safe, open and honest space. I would highly recommend Tiina. Laura Butler (Supervisee of Tiina’s)

Viktor - Not until I met Tiina

I have seen many different psychologists in my time. Having gone through my childhood, I understand what the problem is but have not been able to shift the core as if something was still missing truly. Tiina has helped me to realise the deeper meaning behind the problem and given me the skills to do something about it. Only now I feel that I’m dealing with the core problem, not just symptoms. Tiina has always had useful insights that are difficult to see. I recommend this service. It changed my life. Viktor (full name protected for privacy reasons)

Abigail - Tiina is wonderful

Tiina is wonderful – I felt at ease and in professional, capable hands. I have and will continue to recommend to others. Her guidance has truly made a big, positive difference in my life. Thank you, Tiina. Abigail Braack

Paul - Invaluable

My sessions with Tiina were invaluable. They included both CBT and EMDR, and I learnt not only how to deal with my issues, but how to change the way I thought about them so that they wouldn’t have the same negative impact on me anymore. More than anything, though, I felt like I could relax, talk freely without judgement, and that I was in a safe space. I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. Paul PB