We offer evidence-based techniques to help you reach a positive state of mind. CBT can help you understand why you feel the way you do, and aid you in achieving awareness through mindfulness. Our EMDR treatment helps with distress, trauma, fear and phobias. And we also offer online courses on things like anxiety, panic attacks, and dealing with stress.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy. As its name indicates, it helps you to reprocess memories and beliefs. It has vast background evidence from neuroscience. It can help with past and present events that cause distress, trauma, fears or phobias. It’s also useful for problems stemming from self-esteem issues.

You don’t talk much with your therapist in EMDR – instead, you will be asked to think of a disturbing memory, and then you notice and listen to your body. Sometimes, you don’t know why you feel a certain way. EMDR helps you to understand what’s causing you stress, and remove the emotional material from the problem.

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy is also evidence-based, and it helps you understand why you feel the way you feel and what you can do to change those feelings. It teaches you how to control your mind better.

This includes changing your thinking patterns, learning to be more assertive, improving the way you communicate, and time management skills. CBT’s scientifically proven to help you cope with lots of different problems.

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Online Mindfulness and Relaxation classes

Modern mindfulness is based on Eastern religion and philosophy. It is a non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of all things the way they are. Its practice includes training your mind and increase its’ ability to focus. Learning to see, feel and think without expectations. Mindfulness opens up the limitations we have set to ourselves. Everyone can become mindful! It just requires mind training.

In our relaxation class, you will relax of course and also learn different techniques that you can use independently.


It’s like a gym for your mind

When you exercise your mind, you get ‘mind fit’. And when your mind is fit, you feel happier. Even if you stop exercising your mind, you don’t go back to your old ways. Because mind exercise changes your thinking habits. It rewires your brain. So anything you learn can change the way you think about your life. FOR GOOD.